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In a world where PR and content marketing is vital to SEO, the sports market can cause some learnings for anybody in the digital marketing field.

Karina Barriga Albring of FIFA joins me on the SEJ Show to discuss the world of sports development and sports marketing. She shares her journey from traditional journalism to PR and marketing.

Take a look at how sports can supply some important marketing insights and how marketing can gain from sports too.

We understand how passionate individuals are about a sport, whether football, soccer, or basketball. Individuals often have an illogical attachment to this activity, myself consisted of. We don’t utilize our minds when we process a sport. The fan base is not something logical. So when you have such an attachment to something. The emotional connection is so strong that, naturally, brand names will wish to be included. Sports marketing is accompanying to the tremendous love, attachment, and relationship we have for sports.— Karina Barriga Albring, 11:44

We’re going to start seeing brands align with professional athletes whose message and online persona align with the values that the brand wishes to spread.— Karina Barriga Albring, 24:31

Brands like to have ambassadors who are relatable and who are real people. So if you are a professional athlete who delights in theater, go to the theater and get involved in local community activities. Try to recognize the other enthusiasms that you have. All of that assists you construct your persona. Make individuals find you more relatable and likable, which will equate into brand names wishing to work with you.— Karina Barriga Albring, 30:30

[00:00]– About Karina.
[03:40]– How working with other industries helped her in sports.
[06:57]– What PR is all about.
[10:54]– What is Sports Marketing?
[16:12]– To what level is accrediting a part of Sports Marketing?
[19:14]– The value of personal branding in Sports Marketing.
[27:26]– Opportunities for professional athletes to construct their brand name.
[33:28]– Sports Marketing suggestions that can be used to marketing.

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In the time that we’re living in, we’re no longer contending for an audience. We’re not only
competing with our direct rivals however for the attention of the audience. You’re competing for people’s times. So if you are trying to get among your fans’ attention, you are taking on the music they listen to. You’re also taking on Spotify therefore several things. These days that is something that we require to consider when we examine our strategies and our positioning. It’s not just about our direct competitors however about who our audience is providing their time and interest to.— Karina Barriga Albring, 48:29

In website advancement or SEO, it’s always nice to inspect what your main competitor is doing and your smaller sized competition. And it’s always fantastic to have a “side job” to try out. But, of course, you might be not able to do it on your company’s website. Still, the ability to have some side task and after that turn it into a service case and then pitch the ability to do it on your company’s site may likewise be handy.— Loren Baker, 47:23

The top thing is comprehending the audience. Who are you trying to reach, and then identify the best channels to reach that audience? With influencers and content developers online, when we consider PR, we don’t just think about conventional media. We consider anyone with a platform to make your message extensive.— Karina Barriga Albring, 8:27

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Connect with Karina Viviana Barriga

Karina loves building long lasting relationships with individuals, using the video game of football as her prime chance.

Her passion for sports and competence in journalism, public relations, and marketing help her develop professional athletes and companies side-by-side through dynamic service models.

With an MBA dedicated to Football Industries already under her belt integrated with bi/multicultural experience within the market, Karina is all set to make substantial changes in this ballgame!

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